5.9.1 Introduction

There are three choreographies to communicate messages defined in this standard using Web Services:

  • Asymmetric choreography, where only one party needs to publish and maintain a Web Service and where the other party will need call the Web Service and thus initiate the communication. Depending on the cycle, this can be:

    • In the LoD Cycle (as defined in Clause 5.1.1): the Licensee's Web Service which is called by the Acquiring Music Publisher;

    • In the Confirmation Cycle (as defined in Clasue 5.1.2): the Relinquishing Music Publisher's Web Service which is called by the Licensee;

  • Symmetric choreography, where both the parties publish and maintain a Web Service to support both cycles; and

  • Indirect via a Hub.

They are described in the remaining sub-clauses of Clause 5.9.

This standard does not define the Web Service choreography to exchange messages in the Identification Cycle (as defined in Clause 5.1.2) as this is defined in the Musical Work Right Share Notification Choreography.