5.7 Processes when receiving a message regarding a catalogue transfer (informative)

Relinquishing Music Publishers receiving a MusicalWorkClaimRequestMessage in the Identification Cycle (and, to a lesser degree an LoDMessage in the Confirmation Cycle) as well as Licensees receiving an LoDMessage in the Confirmation Cycle will need to match the received information to the data they have stored in their internal databases.

Upon receiving the relevant message, the recipient would attempt to automatically match the entities contained in the message (i.e. Writers, publishers, Musical Works, Resources and Releases) to the data in their system.

All data not matched successfully, data matched with too low a confidence score or information provided in a computer-readable report as discussed in the Clause 5.6, will then need to be presented to human for manual matching.

Once both matching stages are completed, a comprehensive response message in accordance with Tables 1-4 in Clauses 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 should be sent. That said, this standard allows a response message to be sent after the automatic matching, indicating which works have been processed and which require more work.

It is anticipated that, over time, the percentage of entities being automatically matched will increase, providing a significant increase in efficiency over current processes. In the early stages of use of this standard, however, it can be expected that a substantial proportion of entities will need to be manually matched and processed. During that stage the main benefit of the DDEX standards lies in a uniform method of exchanging the data.

As described in Clause 5.6.1, a Licensee, when looking for matching data in their systems, could potentially find additional Musical Works or Right Shares that are in the same Catalogue, but that the Acquiring Music Publisher did not include in the LoDMessage. In this case the additional Works should be communicated to the Acquiring Music Publisher using a MusicalWorkClaimRequestMessage defined in the Musical Work Right Share Notification Choreography. This MusicalWorkClaimRequestMessage should be included in the Batch and referenced in the ManifestMessage and in the LoDConfirmationMessage (in the ConfirmedCatalogTransfer/MusicalWorkClaimRequestMessageId element).