5.6.1 Full Catalogue Transfers

When sending an LoDMessage, an Acquiring Music Publisher can specify if a Catalogue is transferred fully, that is, all of the Musical Works), or, partially, that is, only a sub-set of the Musical Works contained in the Catalogue. The transfer of a full Catalogue should be described by:

  • Communicating the commonly used name of the Catalogue;

  • Listing all the Right Shares for all the Musical Works;

  • And setting the IsPartial flag, which tells the Licensee that it is a full Catalogue transfer, to false.

Although the Acquiring Music Publisher should specify all the Right Shares, it may be possible that the list is not complete as the Acquiring Music Publisher may not have all the relevant data. Therefore, the recipient is expected to look for more data in their systems and would possibly find additional Right Shares that are in the same Catalogue, but that the Acquiring Music Publisher didn’t include in the LoDMessage.

Setting the IsPartial flag to false tells the recipient that the transfer is meant to be for a full Catalogue. This is therefore a means to trigger and facilitate communication about research that will need to be done by the recipient in order to confirm the matching.

The same applies to full Catalogue transfer information communicated through a Hub.