5.4 Scope of Message

Each LoDMessage shall only be with respect to one catalogue being transferred from one Relinquishing Music Publisher to one Acquiring Music Publisher. This is done using the CatalogTransfer composite.

However, a single LoDMessage may be used to convey multiple CatalogTransfer composites for: 

  • Catalogue transfers initiated by a Collective Rights Management organisation on behalf of multiple Licensors;

  • Joint Catalogue transfers for a set of Musical Works that were jointly controlled by a set of Relinquishing Music Publishers to one Acquiring Music Publisher; and

  • Other similar cases.

In these cases multiple CatalogTransfer composites should be sent in a single LoDMessage. It is not possible to communicate multiple Relinquishing Music Publishers for a catalogue being transferred. In such instances a catalogue transfer involving several Relinquishing Music Publishers has to be communicated using multiple CatalogTransfer composites.