5.2 Communication via a Hub

In cases where share ownership changes are being communicated via a Hub, the same choreographies as set out in Clause 5.1 apply with the following changes:

  1. A Hub shall support the receiving of information about ownership changes in the form of an LoDMessage or MusicalWorkClaimRequestMessage from an Acquiring Music Publisher;

  2. Once a Hub has received a confirmation from the Relinquishing Music Publisher of such a change in ownership, for example, in the form of an LoDConfirmationMessage or MusicalWorkClaimNotificationMessage, the Hub shall update its internal view of the ownership situation; and

  3. As a consequence, the Hub shall forward all received changes of ownership received to those companies who have, in the past, requested ownership information for the same Musical Work or Right Share using the LoDMessage.

The diagram below depicts the Core Choreography via a Hub.

Figure 3 – Hub-based Core Choreography of the US Letters of Direction Choreography Standard